Gramatik Has 6 Laptops Stolen From Tour Bus

In the midst of his Epigram Tour through Europe, Gramatik shared a bit of bad news on Facebook, Friday night. While performing on stage at Aarhus’ Fonden Voxhall in Denmark, somebody broke into the artists’ tour bus and stole 6 macbooks. The Slovenian native responded to the crime by politely asking to be able to buy his stuff back.

Dear Aarhus, Denmark. We just got off stage in your lovely city only to find out someone broke into our bus and stole 6…

Posted by Gramatik on Friday, October 9, 2015


Fans quickly responded to the Facebook post, expressing concern that unreleased music was lost forever with Gramatik’s laptops. The artist responded promptly, ensuring that everything was backed up. It’s unfortunate that someone would steal equipment during a show, but good that we have the technology to make sure that it’s all replaceable.

Don’t worry guys, all my shit was backed up, I’m not a schmuck. (Anymore.) 󾌩

Posted by Gramatik on Saturday, October 10, 2015