Learning a craft online can be convenient and rewarding if you have the motivation to stick with it. That is why we have seen handfuls of online music production courses that seek to teach anything from track production to mixing and mastering and even more business-oriented sides of the industry. FaderPro is one such service and after originally launching back in 2010, it is relaunching with more perks than ever.

Signing on a whole batch of leading industry talent, every aspect of the music industry is touched upon throughout FaderPro’s curriculum. If you’re interested in learning how to make dance music tracks, artists like Funkegenda and other multiplatinum producers will walk you through sound design tricks and track deconstruction to give you whole new perspectives on producing.

FaderPro has also teamed up with some big names in the industry to offer classes on how to handle the business side of music. Tasks such as how to release tracks and how to promote them won’t seem as daunting after you’ve watched and absorbed some of these classes.

Head on over to Faderpro’s website, get signed up and start exploring all that this excellent service has to offer.