Teenager Arrested After Waving Gun At DJ For Not Playing Song Request

song request
Nightclubs, house parties, and bars are synonymous to DJs and song requests. Some DJs are cool with the request and will play it within the next few songs, but you also may get a DJ similar to this who just completely ignores your existence. Well, one teenager from Boulder, Colorado took to the disregard of the DJ way too seriously. An 18 year old was arrested on Sunday for threatening people with a gun, which all stemmed from a DJ not playing a song request. What has this generation come to where you threaten the life of a person for ignoring a request?

Police responded to a party where two teens were acting up and becoming increasingly agitated for being denied entrance into a party. They somehow got into the party and one of them found the DJ in the backyard and was seen waving the gun around his face because he wouldn’t play the song he had requested. Abdikarim Ali Mumin was arrested on counts of felony menacing and is scheduled to be formally charged some time this week. Thankfully, this did not turn out like similar incident in India where a DJ was killed for not playing a request.

Source: Daily Camera