W I S H I W A S – Debut Album

Initially billed as a mysterious new “group,” W I S H I W A S made splash back in January with four impressive tracks that covered a broader spectrum of sounds than your sunscreen does sunlight. From happy and bright, to dark and even foreboding, W I S H I W A S had it all.  New releases slowly trickled out, and information on the anonymous project trickled out even slower. Recently however, the identity of the project has been revealed as none other than tyDi, a notably talented and up-and-coming trance and progressive act who seems to have found solace in the freedom of this new identity. tyDi dropped the debut W I S H I W A S self-titled album in the back-end of August, and it seems to have slipped the blogosphere radar; something we aim to help correct, as this 14 track beauty is a must hear. Most of the titles have been present on his Soundcloud for some time, but with the addition of the extended mixes, the new tunes are as refreshing and creative as they were upon their original debut. The album is available on iTunes for s solid $7 price tag, so this is one you’re not gonna wanna pass up.

W I S H I W A SiTunes