Ta-Ku feat. JMSN & Sango – Love Again (Milo Mills Bootleg)

Coming in hot from Vienna, Austria is a sexy little bootleg of Ta-Ku’s “Love Again,” from Milo Mills. The original track featured vocals from JMSN & Sango, and was an emotive piano laden slow burner on Ta-Ku’s Songs To Make Up To album. With a warm soul and bluesy heart, “Love Again” stands as the most played track off the album, and quite possibly the hardest to remix. Milo Mills has taken it into his lab, and turned out something entirely new, and damned addicting. The track has been chopped and sped up, vocals tastefully pitch bent, funky bass guitar and peppy piano edits drive the groovy beat forward, and all the new elements come together for an insanely fun ditty. The sense of happiness and hope in the original has been boosted to new heights, and the end result is something you’ll want to loop over and over. Check it out below, follow Milo on Soundcloud, and check his secondary account for cool unreleased remixes and bootlegs.

Ta-Ku feat. JMSN & Sango – Love Again (Milo Mills Bootleg) | Milo Mills