Klingande Reveals He’s Actually French, Not Swedish

In a curious recent development, producer, Klingande (real name Cédric Steinmyller), reveals that, despite popular knowledge, his roots are actually French and not Swedish. So where did the confusion come from? In an effort to maintain some level of anonymity, Steinmyller chose the Swedish term, Klingande (meaning ringing or jingling) as his producing moniker, and just to ensure that colloquial knowledge enshrined him as one of Sweden’s top producers of today, he titled the track that launched his career ‘Jubel‘ (a Swedish word meaning rejoicing or jubilation). It was only after the song “Jubel” (which is the 26th most Shazamed track of all time by the way) caught fire that dance goers would approach him speaking Swedish, only to find out that he didn’t speak a word of it.
But has the sudden revelation of Klingande’s origins really proved anything? His music doesn’t sound like typical French house music, could this admission of French patriotism be nothing more than a ploy to add on another level of anonymity? Probably not. All that can be said for certain is that Klingande, international man of mystery, is one of the world leaders in deep house at the moment, and is producing some fantastic music regardless of nationality.