Deadmau5’s coffee runs are notorious for bringing in high profile individuals such as Hodor, Infected Mushroom, Bun B and more while recording their casual conversations on the way to get coffee. This episode’s guest is none other than the creator of “that one techno song” otherwise know as “Sandstorm“. Darude, whose rise to prominence came before the huge ‘dance music’ boom, coming from a different breed of electronic artist.

Talking about favorite gadgets, new synths for productions, and an intriguing conversation involving breaking down the importation of dance music into America, Darude and Deadmau5 make some great small talk if you can even call it that. Some great dialog in the 40 minutes and some change video. Oh and Darude didn’t spill any coffee.

The biggest compliment I’ve ever gotten if I do say so myself, I still get that quite often is that people who got into dance music because of my track. You can always have a good gig or have great records sales, but it just grabs you from whatever heart, brain, balls at the same time when some has a history with something you made. – Darude