Blood Rave Coming to New York Comic Con

Blood Rave NYC

Do you remember that crazy Blood Rave you read about online about a month ago? Well over thousands of people have RSVP’d for Amsterdam’s Halloween Blood Rave which is being held at a secret venue. Amping up the insanity, it has been announced that this crazy event is actually coming to the US. Yes that’s correct, the Blood Rave will be coming to America and be taking place during New York’s Comic Con on October 9th. The Blood Rave was inspired by the opening vampire rave scene in the Wesley Snipes film Blade. This blood bath affair will have a chill-out room which is inspired by Snipes’ archenemy, Deacon Frost as well as performances by The Crystal Method & PictureplaneThe blood rave will be taking place at New York’s Terminal 5 and to see what to expect at this unique event, check out the Blade scene which features legendary acid house gem ‘Confusion‘ by New Order below!