[WATCH] Armin van Buuren Look-Alike Pranks Clueless Fans In Las Vegas

Armin van Buuren
Think about this scenario in your head. You’re in Las Vegas, go to a nightclub where one of the most famous DJs in the world has performed and the next day, you see him standing on the sidewalk! Well, that just happened with some Armin van Buuren fans, as they were lucky enough to pose for some pictures with the superstar (or so they thought). It was not actually the trance legend, but in fact, an Armin look-alike and comedian Patrick O’Sullivan

O’Sullivan, along with his friend and an “acting street team assistant”, decided to play a prank where he would pose in front of Armin van Buuren’s massive OMNIA Nightclub billboard wearing the same attire and striking the same signature pose. The end result is pure gold, so be sure to check out the full video below.