On Saturday for their ABGT150 show, they ended the broadcast by showing a graphic of “Above & Beyond Acoustic II”. To all that are aware, the trio came out with an acoustic album at the beginning on 2014 that was preceded by three incredible performances in London at the Porchester Hall and at the Greek Theater in LA that showcased the artists’ musical talents alongside the singers that have been featured on their tracks over the years. There isn’t many other details to go off of just yet, but go over to their website and subscribe for the latest info on this unique and monumental release/tour in the coming weeks.

That’s not the only exciting news that came out of Sydney this weekend. During their set, Above & Beyond played a new OceanLab tune titled “Another Chance” featuring the group’s vocalist Justine Suissa. Before everyone gets their knickers in a twist about how this sounds nothing like the OceanLab of old, they debuted the club mix; leaving a lot to be desired for next year’s new releases. This whole scenario comes as a surprise to fans since in Janurary of 2014, the group announced that they would no longer be using the OceanLab alias as an outlet for their creative works.

You can watch A&B’s entire ABGT150 set from last Saturday here and be on the lookout for other recorded sets from the 150th episode of Group Therapy coming soon.