Though it has been a staple in countless producers’ arsenals for years now, the Sylenth plugin hasn’t received an update since its debut. For the longest time it slid by using the good old why-fix-what-isnt-broken excuse, but when new generations of DAW’s came around that no longer supported Sylenth’s original 32bit style producers hit a dilemma.

But earlier today, 7 Skies sent out a video announcing the brand spanking new 64bit version of Sylenth. Most of the changes are simply graphic changes, hosting a fresh new and darker skin for the synth. But a handful of other changes are mentioned throughout the video. Here is a short list of all the major changes noted in the video, 7 Skies breaks down the changes in more detail so make sure to watch the video in its entirety if you’re still curious!

  • Drop Down Menus – It’s no longer a hold-click and scroll system for flipping through different filter types or wave forms or whatever else.
  • No More Copy/Paste Functions – You used to be able to copy and paste settings such as filter settings or wave forms so that you could easily move settings between synth layers and such. . .but no more.
  • Skins! – Don’t be restricted to just the default skin. You can switch between a handful of different host skins for Sylenth.
  • Resizing – You can now adjust the resolution and frame size of the Sylenth Vst.