Tim Shaft

Tim Shaft – Unstoppable

Tim Shaft can produce hard hitting electro records like few others can. Often relying on just a handful of impactful elements that all work together to create floor stomping energy, many of his releases garner support from some of the industry’s biggest names. His latest release, titled ‘Unstoppable’, is one such record.

Right from the start, the energy does not stop ramping up. Its foundation is based on a short bass line loop, and al lthe rest is piled on top of that. This short loop packs a monumental amount of energy, and is sure to get the dance floor rocking. Tim Shaft’s intricate sound designs heighten the tracks building energy, while added percussion elements are there to spice up the track’s foundations. Even the breaks of the track hardly give the audience enough time to catch their breath, as the drums and bass stop added risers and snare patterns keep the track’s intensity at an all time high.

Tim Shaft – Unstoppable | Beatport