A snippet of a track recently surfaced that quickly ignited rumors marking the return of elusive French duo, Justice. Too good to be true? After a bit of digging around on a few French music sites and stumbling across a key Buzzfeed interview from 2013, the truth surfaced. It turns out the track ‘Heads’ is a production from Justice, however it is from an unreleased project from six years ago. Back in 2009, Gaspard Michel Andre Augé and Xavier de Rosnay made an album with American-born/Swedish-raised singer Mapei, unfortunately the album never saw the light of day due to the fact that Maipei disliked it, “It wasn’t my style — it was too electronic, too uptempo. It didn’t have the elements I wanted in there, so we never released it.” In the Buzzfeed interview she goes on to state, that this unreleased material is basically just sitting on a computer somewhere. Read the full interview with Mapei here.

While this excerpt of ‘Heads’ is indeed Justice material, it doesn’t necessarily indicate the return of the electronic music veterans. But here’s to hoping they emerge from the studio soon with a killer third album. We’ve been ready since 2011.