Knife Party Teases Tom Morello Collaboration at Moonrise Festival

As the sun was setting on day one of Moonrise Festival in Baltimore, Maryland, Knife Party’s Gareth McGrillen took the stage. Notably absent was the other half of the duo, Rob Swire, perhaps due to the temporary hearing loss he recently experienced, or working on their new E.P., Trigger Warning.

Towards the end of his set, McGrillen got on the mic to announce Knife Party’s new collaboration with legendary Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello. Though this is not the first time Knife Party has played this unexpected collab, it is the first time we have a high quality live recording.

Still an ID at the moment, we should find out the name very soon as we approach the release date of the new E.P.

The tune begins with a heavy rock n’ roll riff laid down by Morello, followed by a few more bars of guitar, before Knife Party’s contributions take over in the drop. McGrillen only teased the crowd with one drop of the new song before finishing his set with the classic ‘Bonfire,’ but that was enough to build heavy anticipation for the forthcoming release. Check out a high quality fan recording from the performance at Moonrise Festival below, and look out for Knife Party’s new E.P. Trigger Warning in a few weeks.