[Interview] LOUDPVCK Aims to Differentiate with Live DJ Set Components


LOUDPVCK has spilled the beans on the future of their live performances. The L.A. natives, with help from their intern (Lev) are planning on completely transforming their high-energy DJ sets. Kenny and Ryan mention their management, Deckstar, as a major supporter of their musical development. Not only has Deckstar Management been a major part of LOUDPVCK’s success, but the group also manages acts such as Travis Barker, Jane’s Addiction, Porter Robinson, Smashing Pumpkins, The Glitch Mob, and several other international live-band performers. The two producers acknowledge that this transition could take a lot of work, but they seem to be in a unique position to thrive in a world of live electronic music.

“We want to be up there playing instruments and banging shit. We’ve DJed out asses off everywhere. It’s time to do music in a new way, live. We want it to be the same kind of sonic experience that our DJ set is but with new visual performance elements. I like the idea of dudes who do live sets and dudes who do DJ sets. I’d love to, in the future, be able to pick and choose whether we are going to DJ or play some instruments.”

Since the release of their most recent EP, Botany, LOUDPVCK has had to answer a lot of questions about the evolution of their sound. Like in all areas of electronic music, when artists try new things, loyal fans have to experiment with something new. Supporting an artist, means we agree to take their journey through sound with them. What do we expect in the near future from LOUDPVCK? Well, “we’re working on a lot of melodic shit right now…” says Kenny.

“I don’t mean really pretty, happy, Kygo-like shit. I like to think of it more like much more intricate shit than we’ve done before. Now we’re trying to show our backgrounds a little bit. We went to Berkley College of Music, we both played instruments since we were in elementary school. We want to show people that we can write music and still make bangers. We want something that we can play for you and is going to make you vibe and think but at the same time you’ve got to get down.”

I briefly mentioned that LOUDPVCK have been working with an intern named Lev. I had a chance to talk, jokingly, about their experiences with Lev and whether or not they’d recommend interns for other industry professionals. While our conversation was sarcastic and humorous, I’m hoping that Kenny and Ryan are starting a trend. It’s incredibly difficult to break into the electronic music industry, and most who pull it off, have the help and support of already-established artists. Internships should be a part of our culture. Interns are also really good at getting pizza and stuff.

“He has a lot of dope experience, he has a car, and he’s just super hungry and interested. He does normal internship things like organizational stuff, handling food runs, equipment runs, that kind of thing. If we’re in the studio, Lev will sit in the corner, silent, for 3 hours and just watch. If anyone needs a water or a burger, he handles that and he just gets to be in there for all the tunes.”

I was promised an update on Lev’s progress and development within the LOUDPVCK internship system. Watch this space.

LOUDPVCK – Botnay EP | Download