Fetty Wap – Trap Queen (DJ Sliink & Lido & DJ Big O Remix)

Much like its predecessors ‘CoCo‘ and ‘Hot N*gga,’ Fetty Wap’s ‘Trap Queen‘ quickly became a cultural sensation. It seemed like no matter what bar or club you went to, the song would undoubtedly be accompanied by a raucous reaction. Electronic artists have been reluctant to try their hand at the hit track, with only a couple notable remixes from artists like K Theory, Crankdat and Naderi. During her recent Triple J Showcase, Alison Wonderland debuted the biggest ‘Trap Queen’ remix yet. The multi-talented wunderkind Lido took on the track, along with Jersey club stars DJ Sliink and DJ Big O.

The three producers’ take on ‘Trap Queen’ begins with rhythmically dramatic synths setting a frenzied pace for the track. After the song picks up speed, it bursts into one of Lido’s distinctly euphoric future bass explosions. The remix offers a unique perspective into Lido’s diversity as a producer, as it showcases both his future bass and Jersey club influences. This gives the song a fun and playful vibe that is a welcome change of pace from the original. While there has been no release date announced yet, you can check out a rip of the track below from the Triple J mix.