Salva Mea

Faithless – Salva Mea 2.0 (Above & Beyond Remix)

This summer has featured several high profile returns of classic dance music artists from decades past. First up was The Chemical Brothers, who have landed headline spots in festivals worldwide along with a new album. Not to be outdone, the classic act Faithless has embarked on a re-introduction effort as well with a huge remix album. The remix album started off with a bit of a stumble as Avicii’s remix of “Insomnia” failed to catch fire, but Above & Beyond are here with one of their most highly anticipated remixes to add to the album. 
Since ABGT100 fans have been clamoring for the Above & Beyond remix of the first Faithless single, “Salva Mea“. Just when many had lost faith (get it?) that the track would ever see release, word came down that it would be included in the Faithless album as “Salva Mea 2.0“. After a year of waiting, the track is finally here and it is simply beautiful. The dark melody begins with an echoed vocal sample, before the beat kicks in piece by piece and soon you have a track perfect for any dark room. We already named it as one of the hottest tracks at Miami Music Week this year when Andrew Bayer dropped it to the wonderment of those ASOT Miami attendees, and now you need to go check out this track below and pick up your copy today