Diplo Aims to Make Pop Music “Weird”


Diplo is one of the most outspoken producers in the game, and for good reason. Even before shooting in the starlight with supergroups like Major Lazor and Jack U, he had a packed discography under his belt producing for some of music’s bigger stars. He got that way by constantly pushing boundaries, and not really caring about what everyone else was doing. Tossing countless records into the wind to see which ones grow to be charting singles, his unique sound will always catch you off guard with whatever his latest release may be.

So recently, the hot-shot producer sat down with TIME Magazine to do a short video interview discussing his rise to fame and what sets his sound apart from others. He touches on his early records, songs of his that got sampled by artists like Beyonce, and how he got that weird dissonant lead sound from the Justin Bieber record. So check out the interview below, and let us know what you think as you peep into the background of a genius!