Jono of Above & Beyond
Dance music fans know that Above & Beyond have a special skill for evoking strong emotions during their performances. They can raise spirits to the highest highs and provide comfort in the lowest of lows. A few months ago, Jono was brought down low by the passing of his beloved sister, Charlotte. In the wake of tragedy, Above & Beyond fans around the world provided a strong outpouring of support to help Jono and the trio cope with the loss.

Today, Jono took to Facebook to announce that the trio would be starting a charity in Charlotte’s memory. Jono explains that Charlotte dedicated herself to maternal mental health, and so Above & Beyond have founded the “Little Something” Fund to support an organization that Charlotte held so dear. According to Jono, Charlotte loved the track and felt that it captured the essence of her career. To kickstart this effort, the trio will play a show at Wembley Arena on November 13 and deliver all proceeds to the “Little Something” fund. It is truly inspiring to see Jono and all of Above & Beyond create something positive from something so negative. To find out more check out the link below for details.

Details & Tickets

As most of you will know, in March of this year I lost my sister, Charlotte. The support my family received from all of…

Posted by Above & Beyond on Friday, August 28, 2015