Disco is certainly not dying, and French star Naxsy looks to help resuscitate the genre with his new original “Get On The Floor.” Many of the clubs nowadays are plagued with people backstage being on their phones either communicating with the outside world, taking videos and photos, or interacting on social media. Looking to light a fire under those who are not dancing, Naxsy looks to pull people onto the dance floor with nothing but irresistible disco beats.

“Get On The Floor” is a guitar-heavy jam where the Parisian beatsmith turns uses a vocal melody and steamy synth progression to fill in the cracks in between guitar licks. This jam is a double-sided beast where it can find home in the club or at pool parties, but will fit in either beautifully. You can stream “Get On The Floor” now below.

Naxsy – Get On The Floor (Original Mix) | iTunes