Dance music has invaded prime time culture in a surprising way. Sonny Moore aka Skrillex sat down for an interesting and honest interview on a range of topics with Katie Couric. He talked about his beginnings in music, his family, and the reputation of EDM. The entire affair had a little bit of cringeworthiness to it in the same way you might expect trying to introduce your parents to Skrillex music for the first time, and that’s kind of the point. Skrillex explains in the interview that EDM is “young music,” and he doesn’t make music for “old people” at heart and doesn’t care what they think either. One thing that comes across loud and clear throughout the interview is that Skrillex is a thoughtful and authentic musician that you can’t help but root for. Perhaps the most awkward moments come when rising star, Marshmello, calls Sonny mid interview, and Katie Couric has to pretend like she has a clue of what’s going on.

All in all its a bit odd watching Katie say “yo yo yo”, but its a remarkable feat for our music to be given such a soapbox to stand on. Events like this just show us that despite the naysayers and those who don’t understand, EDM is a true cultural touch point and is here to stay. Check out the entire interview below and the entire feature here.

Source: Yahoo News