SBCR Announces New Album with Free Song Download


Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo (SBCR) has announced that his second mix compilation will be available on August 21st on Dim Mak Records. Following his first release ‘SBCR & Friends’ just 3 months ago, the second volume has aptly been titled ‘SBCR & Adversaries’. In addition to album details, Sir Bob has added a track off the mix compilation to the Dim Mak SoundCloud page for free download. According to his Facebook page, the song called, “Black New York Tee,” is the first single from ‘SBCR & Adversaries’, but strangely enough, the summary on Dim Mak’s SoundCloud upload labels it the compilation’s second release. We’ll chalk up the inconsistency as a side-effect of Sir Bob’s continued mysterious persona.

“The symphonic single showcases Rifo’s inimitable ability to navigate the gamut of genre, providing a preview of what the EP and SBCR is all about.”

SBCR – Black New York Tee Download