Many artists dream of a residency in a Las Vegas megaclub and the recently embattled Krewella has turned things around as of late with a killer slot at OMNIA Nightclub. Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf have always made it a point to interact with their fans and it’s clear that the recent changes the group has undergone have not impacted their beliefs. Making the most of their time in Vegas, the girls really went all out for a few lucky fans, as they set up the ‘Krewellavator‘ in the MGM Grand Hotel. Squeezing a DJ booth and some exciting production into the small elevator, Krewella surprised hotel guests that were expecting a routine ride with an insanely fun looking experience. You can check out what the MGM Grand Krewellavtor was like for yourself in the video below, which is set to the group’s most recent single “Somewhere To Run”.