[Watch] Dillon Francis Stop A Fight During Los Angeles Performance

 photo Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 3.36.37 PM_zpskp5hs81m.png
Last evening, Dillon Francis returned home to Los Angeles to play an outdoor show at the Bonaventure Hotel. The outdoor event was in association with AMP Radio‘s Topless Summer series and attracted approximately 400 attendees and winners of their radio contest. Taking the stage around 9:00pm, Dillon was captured on video making audible remarks at a not-so-plur fan before cutting the music shortly after.

Though it was difficult to make out what Francis had said before the cut in music, the video captures Dillon calling out an allegedly rowdy fan from on top of the decks. Reports claim that the venue had become crowded, causing that one attendee we all know (and hate) to behave in a raucous manner. Fists were thrown a mere 15 feet in front of Francis, initiating him to single out the individual as he calls out, “Yeah kid in the white shirt” followed by, “Yeah now you’re walking away”. These remarks were not captured on video, however the remainder of the incident may be observed below.

Dillon continues to ask the attendee, “Dude can you hear me?” yelling, “I’m talking to you”. Francis then told the guest to “chill” and “just chill” roughly eight times. Dillon Francis then stated that they were cool followed by resuming the show. You may view the video of the incident below.