The resulting firestorm from Mat Zo’s recent Twitter rant has begun, as we all knew it would. The always outspoken Carnage is the first to speak out against Mat’s claim that many of the industries top DJs and producers are using ghost producers. It all started when Carnage’s name appeared in list retweeted by Mat Zo that showed many supposed ghost producers and their clients. Carnage responded in a series of tweets of his own, denying the claims and even saying that he has ghost produced for others in the industry.

Carnage has always been humble about his roots as a bedroom producer turned superstar, and its hard not to be on the guy’s side. His Twitter rant response to Zo flat out denies any use of a ghost producer, and he throws in some motivation for those who are trying to make a name for themselves the way he did. You can see the list that started it all, and all of Carnage’s tweets below. Stay tuned, this surely will not be the last we hear about this saga; other names listed will be sure to get their word in as well.


Photo courtesy of: Thundercup