RL Grime – Scylla (King Henry Remix)

With a brilliantly crafted official remix for the one and only RL Grime, New Mexico native, King Henry knows how to do it proper with his well-liked brand of encapsulating future bass music. Classically trained in guitar, Henry hones his talents for music in every track to the fullest extent. Recently garnering praise from Jack U themselves, he has even gained a spot in the coveted Skrillex Selects with his masterful beats.

Starting things on right foot with a wistful set of synth pad hits and fluttery atmospheric effects, a tech y repeated audio clip then takes shape with some emotional dark piano chords. Introducing the bass line with a break beat style drop, the track gets right into it with a future bass set of chords and an incredibly catchy high pitched vocal loop. With ear-pleasing distorted fills and a solid 808 beat, King Henry’s sultry rendition of ‘Scylla’ will be sure to elevate the mood of any fan of great music. It will be available May 12th on WeDidIt Records so be sure to pre-order it as part of RL Grime‘s official remix pack of Void on iTunes while it’s fresh in your mind.

RL Grime – Scylla (King Henry Remix) | iTunes