Record Store

Seoul, South Korea will play home to possibly the world’s coolest record store (above). Credit Card company Hyundai Card has announced it’s third historic installment. The company also developed and designed fashion and travel libraries. The vinyl gallery will feature more than 10,000 records spanning a limitless era of music. Additionally, 3,000 related books will be available to read, as will every issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, ever.

Through generations of sound, music preservation is often overlooked. In today’s world, we bounce from one event to another; taking in the moment and moving on. It’s refreshing to see someone take the time and resources necessary to try and save some of the building blocks of musical history. Here will be a place where music can be treasured, remembered, and re-lived for years to come. Despite complete immersion in a digital age, vinyl keeps itself relevant because it’s tangible. Owning an MP3 just isn’t the same.

Source: Magnetic Mag