Popped is the Tinder for Music


A few years back, Tinder took the world by storm to the point where the phrase, ‘I’d right swipe that’, is the trending way to say ‘I’d hit that’ or ‘That’s fetch’. A cultural revolution that made you feel both hot and selective while sitting on the couch, as immersed in your sweatpants as you are in your pizza, made the app an infinite source of entertainment.

Well a new app seeks to take this swipe-right premise, and apply it to something many of us have a much better chance at…music. Popped, a new app premiered at App World from developer, Stoneroos, seeks to fill this empty void in your life. Drawing its database from the inexhaustible infinite that is SoundCloud, tracks on tracks are pulled up for your listening pleasure. From there, you know the drill. Right swiping a track means you dig it, and it is saved into a folder for you to return to later, while the tracks that get the left swipe slink away into the back corner of your internet where they belong.

Popped also brings the social aspect to the game, which we all crave. Snoop around some of your friends profiles to draw inspiration from what they are listening to, and brag about your avant-garde musical tastes which are open for the world to see. So head on over to the app store to check out Popped! It’s free, so there’s no point not to.