Move On

PBR Streetgang – Move On (Kian T Remix)

After listening to this remix from little known Kian T, it is no suprise that Toy Tronics was named by Beatport to be one of the top 10 visionary labels to move to popularity in 2015.

This remix doesn’t stray too far from the original mix, but further evolves the mix into a booming house track with driving drums, and piercing synths that keep this old school feel relevant. The bass line and chirping vocals really bring this track together though and will ensure its spot on dancefloors in Ibiza. Kian T’s label released a statement released a comment on the remix describing that it “sounds like Max Graef taking a few too many pills and getting lost in vintage synth hell.”

This releases on June 15th as a part of a limited 300 vinyl release by PBR Streetgang. Other tracks on the Vinyl include the original mix of Move On by PBR Streetgang and finally ‘The Game’ by PBR Streetgang, which is no filler track.