NY DanceSafe Shows Real Drug Testing & Harm Reduction

The chapter leader of NY DanceSafe*, and good friend of mine, was recently featured in this amazing short-form report on Animal. This kind of work is exactly what’s needed to illustrate what’s going on in the EDM community today. As shown in the video a lot of what people think is MDMA ends up being totally different.

“Lucky winner. He has real drugs.”

This is one of many choice quotes in the expertly shot & scored video. With footage taken directly from a party in Brooklyn, this is it folks. This is what’s going on. You may think you know, but you’re probably wrong. This is a real problem in the community, and I’m really glad Animal took the time to recognize DanceSafe in such a savvy way. With the recent death at Life In Color, this issue is not going away. so we need to be smart, embrace harm reduction & drug checking, and look after each other. Hug your friends, keep them from doing stupid shit or taking things they’ve not tested.

*Full Disclosure: I am a member of DanceSafe & have volunteered with them at events. I’ve never gotten the chance to test substances for people. In most events, the producers do not allow it on site at all. The identity of the party has been kept secret to protect them from prosecution under the RAVE Act.