Brooklyn Fire - 95 - Nuff Said ft. Mayor Apeshit - Day of the Dead

Nuff Said ft. Mayor Apeshit – Day of the Dead

Brooklyn Fire keeps throwing heat. The label nested in NYC ensures the intensity doesn’t drop by pulling some of the most interesting tunes from around the world, and giving them a home. Mayor Apeshit takes the award for best MC name I’ve heard in 2015 and keeps the tune moving along. The track is as hard as you can get while still being classified as electro, but has a distinct Melbourne feel to it.  Nuff Said does some good work on this so show him some love on the social medias as does Mayor Apeshit, who showed up on a Pegboard Nerds track recently as well. If this guy replaces subpar drum & bass MCs with a cadre of competent lyricists, I’m gonna be the happiest person on the planet. If you’re a DJ hitting up one of the billion (official count) festivals this weekend and need another banger, hit up Beatport for this!)