Gouryella Returns With Ferry Corsten’s Anahera


Gouryella (prod. by Ferry Corsten) – Anahera

Gouryella was a Dutch Trance act consisting of DJ Tiesto & Ferry Corsten. You read that right, that duo was actually a thing you could pay money to see once upon a time. They had a string of hits, starting in the late 90’s. Gouryella, Walhalla, Tenshi & Ligyaya (my personal favorite, one of the greatest trance tracks of all time). This is a classic trance vibe that I had thought perished from this earth. The 1:20 piano build is something you expect from Progressive or Big Room, but this is how it’s supposed to be used. The gliding, soothing, build turns into a soaring, pulsing breakdown that brings the older of us back to that millennial Dutch Trance. This was when Tiesto was filling stadiums playing pure trance, not club life. Anahera is super important ladies & gentlemen. If this earns a spot in the Corsten’s Countdown week after week, the message will be clear. Trance fans never left, we were just waiting for the beat to come back. Who knows, maybe this will even convince Tiesto to push out some more trance once again. I heavily recommend you put this & all of the other Gouryella tracks into your face & go vote for it!