Drug use is a difficult topic to conduct research on, primarily because it is illegal. That being said, many people don’t mind breaking the law at music festivals and will even post about their experiences on social media.

DrugAbuse.com decided to do a study on drug and alcohol use at festivals with the help of of Instagram. Researchers gathered over 3 million photos and videos from various music festivals and analyzed them in order to find out just how many attendees were partaking in drug use as well as which drugs are the most popular at each event.

The researchers narrowed in on 12 substances including crack cocaine, marijuana, MDMA/ecstasy. In regards to the festivals, Burning Man and Camp Bisco found themselves on the list 6 times each, with Burning Man topping 5 different categories. Other notable festivals include Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival, Coachella and Tomorrowland.

 photo drug-use-festivals_zpsrhxv0a8h.jpg

H/T: Billboard