“DJs Scratching Their Heads” is Apparently a Thing

There have been many DJ poses that we have come accustomed to, like the “jesus pose” famously used by Armin van Buuren, the “air piano player” most famously seen from Avicii and the “pointer,” which many of our favorites have come to do at shows all over the world. There is one pose that arguably surpasses the others, specifically when it comes to photoshoots. The “DJs scratching their heads” pose is apparently the spreading trend with DJs and producers. New and old.

Australian DJ/Producer, Dave Winnel, decided to create a brilliantly done curation of our favorite DJs all for what it seems like, scratching their heads as they pose for a photo on his tumblr. The first group of victims caught by Winnel includes Laidback Luke, James Zabiela, Madeon (above) and many more (including himself); it doesn’t look like this list is going to stop growing unless photographers get a little more creative with their photoshoots. You can get the full list over at Winnel’s tumblr, but we couldn’t help but share a couple of our favorites below:

Steve Aoki