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Deadmau5 – Blood For The Blood Goat (WIP)

Don’t ever forget: deadmau5 is a better producer than you. People whine about how he acts on social media, or that he doesn’t play what he “should.” But at the end of the day, his talent and skill are so far past the crowd that the talk just fades away.

He continues to use SoundCloud as a public canvas, using the vocals from a snippet he posted a couple of days ago. The build is similar, but the beat is totally different. The vocals are softer, stretched out and there’s an almost classic deadmau5 build that’s strongly reminiscent of “I Remember”.

“Blood For The Bloodgoat” may be a Warhammer 40,000 reference, but deadmau5 specified that wasn’t the title, so no clue what this is going to be called when it reaches its final form. The only commentary we get from Joel is a reference to the Esoteric Order of Dagon, the cult in the Cthulu universe. Written by Lovecraft, the existential horror conjured up by the author is totally creepy and you should check it out if you’re into that stuff. But not before you give this track a thorough once over. It’s going to be amazing, whatever it becomes, and I’m glad that he’s letting us in on his refinement process again.