That moment you trudge out of bed on the Wednesday morning before Coachella regretting your rational, “adult” decision to save money and not go this year, coming across Chicago rapper Towkio’s “Heaven Only Knows” featuring Chance The Rapper, Lido, and Eryn Allen Kane is just the extra twist of the sword confirming you made a big mistake. A single from Towkio’s new mixtape .Wav Theory, the collaboration screams Lido, being a notably killer track adorned with his signature harmonizing vocals and quirky Trippy Turtle synth tracks. An energizing and feel-good rap and electronic hybrid track, “Heaven Only Knows” is an irresistible tune you’ll love jamming out to. Lido set fire to the stage during his live set at SXSW, and he’s one you won’t want to miss at Coachella!