Photographer Felix R. Cid Turns Festival Crowds Into Breathtaking Art

Source: Felix R. Cid
We’ve all attended festivals and been swept up in the moment looking out at the vast crowds of people. For some, this leads to paranoia and others, a sense of wonderment. For one photographer, Felix R. Cid, these festival crowds became something much more. Over the course of 2 years, he visited numerous dance music festivals around the world and used pictures of the crowd to create wild space-like images. When asked why he underwent this project, Cid states that he, “thought it was interesting that in this moment, where young people interact so much through social media that they wanted to then be in these spaces where things are very physical and touchy.”

He spliced together hundreds of images to create his effects, so upon inspecting the pictures closely, you can see some disjointed photos blur together (but that’s the point). Cid’s goal at each festival was to get up high so he could shoot the crowd in the most candid way possible. He said that if anybody noticed his camera and reacted to it, he would move on to another area.

Cid calls his collection ‘X‘, as a reference to ecstasy and multiplication, reminding viewers of the feeling of being lost in such an epic crowd. Get lost in the amazing photos and check out the full gallery here.

 photo 14_Felix_R_Cid_X_13_zpswab7xf15.jpg

Source: Wired