Could This Be the End of the Bloody Beetroots?

There was cause for curiosity when The Bloody Beetroots announced their latest project, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo Presents: SBCR & Friends Vol. 1, not so subtly leaving out The Bloody Beetroots from the title altogether. We’ve found some clarity in a recent facebook statement. The monologue starts by restating some of the questions that we’ve been pondering for several weeks:

“To all ‘The Bloody Beetroots’ fans:
With SBCR making its appearance on the scene many of you might wondering if the project ‘The Bloody Beetroots’ has come to an end and you also might be asking yourselves ‘What the fuck is SBCR ?’.

The Bloody Beetroots was started in 2006. Their first studio album Romborama was released in 2009 and the project gained recognition, in part due to the black Venom masks worn on stage. The idea was to infuse electronic music with the punk rock. Now, the project could be coming to an end. Below is the rest of the statement published on The Bloody Beetroots facebook page.

“So, let me start from the very beginning. ‘The Bloody Beetroots’ project was born from the ashes of a punk band, its destiny was to be transformed from a DJ set to a Live Electronic Band and that’s what happened, its natural evolution led to a few skin changes and saw its maximum exposure and expression in 2014. Hell…That was NOT an easy process, both for the human component and for the understanding of what “Live” music represents nowadays.

I really don’t mean to brag…but no one can deny our efforts, and by that I mean yours as well as ours, together we went from a simple DJ set to the Death Crew 77 & Church Of Noise and finally to the great ‘The Bloody Beetroots LIVE’. We played on the most incredible stages around the world, faced all kinds of weather while eating dust, drinking rain and leaving streaks of blood behind when we got hurt and we ran, still sore, from a hospital room straight to the next gig.

This was all possible thanks to you, thanks to my team and thanks to all the music that has been produced & released in the past 7 years.

In order to preserve what was created I realized I needed to evolve into something new – and that usually involves a long and experimental creative process. I needed to challenge the rules of this contemporary world while focusing on what I love the most : MUSIC as a way of personal expression.

SBCR is the name of this evolution, it’s a new era and a new mask, with new aesthetics and it will allow us to reshape the future of ‘The Bloody Beetroots’.

SBCR was created to start from scratch, touching each others skins, breathing the same air, sweating together and having fun while we go through our own new revolutions. If we really want to change the world we must do it without regrets or complaints…and this is the right place and the right time.

This is where we start to create our new future.

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo / SBCR / The Bloody Beetroots



Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo / SBCR / The Bloody Beetroots has released another statement regarding his future musical endeavours. In this one, he reassures fans that he is not retiring The Bloody Beetroots.

Just to clarify, I never said that “The Bloody Beetroots” was over! NO WAY! All I’m saying is that I’ll take a little…

Posted by The Bloody Beetroots on Friday, April 10, 2015