deadmau5 Takes Hodor Out For A Coffee Run

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When deadmau5 decided to pack up and leave Toronto for a mansion in the middle of nowhere, dance music fans feared that the ‘Coffee Runs’ would die due to the fact that there would not be a Tim Hortons close enough. Last week, the superstar uploaded an ‘Eco friendly Coffee run’, but it just wasn’t the same. It’s been months since a figure from the electronic music community sat shotgun and thankfully, that all changed today.

While in Toronto for one of his signature ‘Rave Of Thrones’ shows, Kristian Nairn (AKA Hodor from Game Of Thrones) decided to swing by the Zimmerman estate and film a Coffee Run for the ages. Instead of carrying Bran, Hodor got to be the one getting chauffeured for a change. And for those of you wondering, he pays with his credit card and not gold coins. Nairn reveals details about his DJing career as well as the future of Game Of Thrones, so check out the full video below (yes, it works).