Coachella And Tomorrowland Are The World’s Most Expensive Festivals

If you’re looking for an affordable festival, stand clear of Coachella. According to a recent data report from No. 1 Currency, Coachella is the world’s most expensive festival. The report takes more than jut the price of the festival ticket per day into account, as it also notes factors such as food, drink and accommodations. The two-weekend festival takes place in Indio, California, where the estimated price to attend the festival per day is around $276.82. Start saving your change now because right behind Coachella is ID&T’s Tomorrowland. The magical festival costs around the same as Coachella, $275.00 per day, all factors included. The debate as to whether the United Kingdom’s Glastonbury festival should take second place to Coachella still remains a hot topic. Looking soley at ticket prices, the U.K. festival actually costs more than Tomorrowland, with a difference of around $11. However, the data reveals that all things considered, Glastonbury only costs about $166.65 a day to attend in comparison to other festivals.

Other notable festivals that’ll have you working overtime to attend include Germany’s Rock Am Ring festival, France’s Main Square festival and Spain’s Sonar festival. If you don’t believe us check out the data below for yourself.

Source: The Guardian