Torro Torro – Make A Move

Make a Move

Torro Torro – Make a Move

Torro Torro are a vehement duo who are capable of producing one helluva powerful track on their own. However, when the pair Evan Norton and Mike Gonek joined forces to collaborate with dubstep frontiersman Skrillex to produce ‘Make A Move‘, the final product will undoubtedly “put you in the mood.”

The pair is astoundingly proud of ‘Make A Move’ as the track has been in the works for quite some time and has now been released for all to hear. The track epitomizes characteristics of house music while placed in proximity with the signature Torro Torro resonate. In order for Norton and Gonek to complete ‘Make A Move’ in its final stages, Torro Torro summoned Skrillex to aid in the production of an incredible vocal line featuring the vocals of Kai. The Canadian singer has worked alongside Hunter Siegel, Jack U and Deadmau5 and her aerated voice compliments the hard-hitting baseline prominent in ‘Make A Move’.

The single is the first of Torro Torro’s releases with Skrillex’s OWSLA and is available apart of the OWSLA Miami Spring Compilation. We cannot wait to see what more the duo has in the works but for now, check out Torro Torro’s ‘Make A Move’ below.