Justin Jay Turns to Pets Recordings for ‘Momentum’ EP Release

Justin Jay is exactly what deep house should be. The USC student has been working tirelessly to build his evolving brand of slick productions, while making a name for himself for when he graduates to produce full time. Today, Justin adds another accomplishment to pin up on his refrigerator with the entire release of his first EP on Pets Recordings, Momentum.

First off the compilation is ‘How I Knew’. To kick it off, Justin Jay serves up a healthy offering of distinct vocal loops and prestine percussion to conceive a depth-defying dance-floor cut. The only collaboration of the EP is the title track, ‘Momentum’, where Justin Jay and Kill Frenzy pull from their past experiences at warehouse parties to produce the most vicious offering of the three. Finally, the LA talent takes us back to more playful times in ‘You Give Me Butterflies’ where he mesmerizes listeners with spritely melodies and eccentric pad taps. Stream Momentum EP below and purchase it here on Beatport.

Hear more about the EP in Justin Jay’s own words:

How I Knew:

“I don’t have much to say about this one. I made it in my bedroom, and spent my fair share of late nights working on it pissing off my roommate who was trying to get rest for his midterms… (sorry Ulf!)”


“Producing “Momentum” with Kill Frenzy was a really cool learning experience for me. The idea for the song came together while Seb and I were kicking it on my living room couch playing weird sounds off of our laptop speakers, just having fun. When we sat down to properly produce the track, I kept on trying to add unnecessary ideas and overcomplicate the track. Sebastien helped me realize how simple an 8 minute song can be without getting boring – it’s all in the details, although that’s easier said than done. Finding the subtle changes that actually work was a long trial-and-error experience for me, but it was insanely gratifying once everything fell into place.”

You Give Me Butterflies:

As I’m finishing up an incredible last year of college, and getting to do all of these amazing things in music, it’s felt natural making happy, lighthearted songs that really capture my mood these days. I’ve spent a large part of the last year exploring darker sounds and textures. I definitely want to continue experimenting in that direction, but I wouldn’t want to neglect my goofy, cheerful side either. “You Give Me Butterflies” is a carefree day at the beach, spent with your friends, acting like 8 year-olds.