Los Angeles-based singer Frankie‘s sophomore single practically invited an inevitable remix with its vocals over the bare minimum of instrumental and vocal editing. Today, merely one month after its release, ‘Problems Problems‘ got the remix it deserved. Production duo BLU J has improved our weekend with this genuinely interesting remake, which avoids cookie-cutter remix forms, in favor of diversity.

The lack of instrument diversity empowers the remix to maintain our attention: we stick with the warm synthesizer for most of the song, yet it never bores or seems out of place. The duo also takes strides with Frankie’s vocals by lightly editing them in order to make the vocals fit comfortably. These vocal edits make up for any lack of instrumental diversity, as they vary across the track, each time fitting the layers surrounding them. Check out the track and get your free download below.

FRANKIE – Problems Problems (BLU J Remix) | Download