Dinnerdate – Wanna Collab…Bro

Munich-based producerDinnerdate, broke his hitherto silent-month with a short clip titled ‘Wanna collab…BRO’. In its mere 56 seconds, Dinnerdate plays with a short vocal clip over a few drum kits and keyboards. This explorative clip reflects a huge, yet paradoxically under-appreciated beauty of the modern music creation process: collaboration, a process across national and cultural borders that has never been more possible. The population of engaged, motivated and talented producers has never been so great. Dinnerdate jokingly invokes this new beauty of possibility in his title, whether he deliberately planned to or not.

His short clip also demonstrates a refreshing break from the current state of marketing electronic music. Short, explorative clips like this one shed the self-consciousness and restrictiveness of the current scene, in which almost all of the music we find is polished, perfectly mastered and packaged. We should expect such clean packaging on markets like Beatport – after all, few would buy an unfinished product. But why should this be the norm for streaming services like Soundcloud, which have brought artists and their audiences closer together than ever before? Currently, the majority of clips we come across on Soundcloud are previews: deatailed, 90 second clips that include the most exciting part of a song – typically a short build, drop and fade. But those are segments of polished tracks, likely already to be finished.

Releasing clips like this one may be better for fan bases, and so naturally lay in artist’s self-interest. More frequent connections via clips undoubtedly catalyze the relationship between artist and fan, producer and consumer. Producers have the opportunity for unprecedented quantities of fan feedback by releasing short clips of ideas that they are working on.

The music scene is what we make it. Let’s make it a creative space, in which artists connect with their fans and collaborate freely with other artists – without limitations from PR advisors and market forces.

This particular over-opinionated blogger eagerly awaits Dinnerdate’s next collaboration. Check out the clip below.