Klingande Highlights Wyclef Jean’s Vocals in Remix of ‘Divine Sorrow’

Klingande is one of a handful of artists that has impressed during the rise in popularity of the tropical house sound. However, it’s become common for tropical house producers to get criticized for producing very similar sounding music. Klingande has set out to prove that opinion wrong with his latest remix of Divine Sorrow by Wyclef Jean featuring Avicii.

Klingande’s remix is a unique effort because it thrives off of Wyclef Jean’s vocals, rather than the melodies underneath. The production is soothing with its use of mallet percussion and tambourines. Still, Wyclef shines through significantly, giving this tune the cool Haitian flare that sets Wyclef apart from other vocalists. The chill level is at a maximum with this remix, and no matter what your standing is on tropical house, Klingande deserves your respect with this one. The official release date is set for February 3rd, but in the meantime you can hear the full remix below on Youtube.