Disciples – They Don’t Know (Sirus Hood Remix)

Coming from all the way across the pond, Disciples is a London-based production trio who have serious talent in making music. Their tracks are characterized by clear, crisp production with smooth melodies, deep bass lines, and groovy synths, as seen in their 2014 release “They Don’t Know”. The talented UK trio displays a unique patience in their compositions, especially in “They Don’t Know,” as they take a catchy vocal and synth loop, and patiently add to it little by little to make the track completely addicting.

As a part of the EP, French producer Sirus Hood gave the Disciples’ track a complete facelift, turning the deep dance release into a groovy, 808-laden acid house tune. By cutting up the vocals and speeding up the tempo, Hood takes the track in a completely different direction, giving it more energy and turning it into his own. Check out the track below and grab it when it’s released on 22nd of this month.