There’s no denying the fact that deep house made its way into the spotlight in 2014. Just like big room house music, various sub-genres of deep house spawned from the mother-genre creating a whole new side to the dance music landscape. With this rise, the old school sounds of deep house and tech-house began to create a bridge between the underground and the mainstream. This media exposure has allowed younger artists in the underground scene to create careers out of their musical craft. 22-year-old USC student, Justin Jay, has been one of these young talents to surface from the underground and show a refreshing take on nostalgic sounds.

To start the year off on the right foot, Justin Jay premiered his remix of Disciples’ “They Don’t Know” on Annie Mac but now has officially released the track. The LA-based talent strips “They Don’t Know” of anything cheerful and fun feelings to replace them with eery synth chords and haunting bass snarls. His intricate arrangement of both deep and tech-house components exhibits his growing knowledge of blending vintage and modern sounds.