Zedd’s Social Following Has Skyrocketed Ever Since Dating Selena Gomez


It is no secret that the rumoured ‘Zelena’ couple (that’s Zedd and Selena Gomez if you missed the 4-1-1) has provoked quite the frenzy within the media. The singer has aroused public curiosity as to the details of their relationship following yet another Instagram post, saying she was “missing” the twenty-five year old music producer. It appears as if the two have established a close link to one another while working on Selena’s upcoming album together. New power couple? Someone tell Branjelina to move on over.

However in more recent news, the speculated rumours pertaining to Zedd and Selena’s relationship has now transferred over into the results of Billboard’s Social 50 rankings. The chart ranks the most prominent artists on sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Vevo, Soundcloud, Twitter and Instagram. Finally after the producers breakthrough single and album Clarity, Zedd has debuted on the chart at number 40 alongside his reputed sweetheart Selena weighing in at number 2. For Zedd, the results of the Social 50 have resulted in a 288% increase for searches of his name on Wikipedia alongside accumulating a whopping 81,000 new Instagram followers, #bignews#zelena#social50.

“Oh hi derrling…” – The Room #TheRoom #theRoom #THEroom #theROOM

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Whether ‘Zelena’ is officially a thing has yet to be determined however, Zedd has acquired quite the buzz generating from the rumours. Either way, we are thrilled for the dj’s recent uprising.