Skrillex’s Brother Just Dropped a Funky Single, ‘The Lost’

Skrillex's Brother Just Dropped a Funky Single, 'The Lost'

FYER – The Lost ft. Aloma Steele

Some may be surprised to learn that there’s someone currently in the electronic producing and DJing game that shares blood ties with Skrillex. But it’s true, Skrillex’s brother, Bobby Duque is an accomplished producer and DJ who makes up one half of the drumstep duo, FYER. Bobby Duque, along with guitar/keyboard player Gabriel Guardian release melodic, bass grooving tracks together. While Gabriel Guardian is seen playing guitar and keyboards during live shows, Bobby Duque simultaneously drops beats and sings over each track. It’s undeniable that there’s a lot of shared talent between these two, and their new release “The Lost” featuring Aloma Steele just proves that even more.

FYER’s release fuses funky, instrumental and electronic with whimsical vocals to create a truly unique track that puts electronic music production into a whole new perspective. The duo used an equal hand when it came to producing a track with both electronic and instrumental elements. The two musical influences perfectly balance and accent each other, but the overall track is no more electronic than it is instrumental, leaving fans with a very refreshing and soulful track.

Check out Fyer’s track, “The Lost” featuring Aloma Steele below.