Keys & Krates

There’s that old joke about dance music being so good it blows girls clothes off. Apparently, at the Keys & Krates show last night in Tampa, that legitimately happened. We’re not really sure how the clothes were removed, but during one of the builds, she joined the crew on stage and started rocking out. Obviously, security gave chase, but then the sly naked girl manages to go where security couldn’t, under the table. I can’t say “Jumping on a performing EDM group” is on my bucket list, but she was quickly peeled off of our stars.

This is just more proof that parties in Florida aren’t like parties anywhere else, ladies & gentlemen. I hope we get a recording of the set, not only to see if we can hear when she started running around, but what the hell did Keys & Krates do to build up to that moment such that they had girls even thinking about doing this.

(Image from Keys & Krates Fbook page, Kristen Lyn Ingram for the tip)